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Join the First Global Messaging Solution for Mobile Payment Apps and develop the best banking transaction network ever !

About the GMPS

Global Mobile Payment Standard is developing an evolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is Transfer Messaging for mobile transactions. Building the first centralized payment network for banked and unbanked individuals, businesses and financial institutions. In a nutshell, GMPS is the future for the global use of mobile banking. Its original purpose will provide all customers with universal transaction tools for any and all banking operations.

Our Vision is to develop a global transaction messaging network with centralized standards for banking and payment operation, changing each mobile device to a personal managed bank.

Partnering with GMPS

An Investment Opportunity

Join the GMPS as a Stockholder and help us create the better banking of tomorrow. A limited number of our Founder Stocks are designated for our strategic Investors/Partners.

Corporate Funding

We are opening up for Financial Institutions which are not allowed to participate in partnerships, without a co- ownership. 

Financial Institutions

3Partnering with GMPS opens up a great number of services and products for customers without the need of expensive product development or implementation. Join the network and select products which benefit your customers in the best way.

Financial Services

If you are a money transfer or exchange business, e-wallet issuer or an ATM company, join the GMPS and expand your horizons with new products and services. We offer a wide range of  24/7 services independent from banking hours. 

Business Partners

Our products and services for Retail, Travel, Leisure, and Utilities allow your entity to implement new payment methods without necessary payment terminals and the use of payment cards. By signing a partner agreement with GMPS you can save up to 98% of your merchant fees. 

Public Administration

Governments, Public Administration, Tax Authorities, Health Sector and many other state related services can partner with GMPS and participate in real time data exchange for mailing, notifications, accounting, invoicing, taxes, digital signatures, digital IDs and more.


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