A common system for 3rd party Mobile banking and Mobile payment Apps which connects mobile device users with banks, retail, ATMs and much more in a global network. Our goal is to deliver unified transaction services and make them available in every country on every mobile device. 

Our standardized system makes mobile transactions available globally. To provide the best service to our customers the System will be available for Central Banks, Commercial Banks, ATM Companies, Retail Industry, Travel and Leisure Industry, Money Transfer and Exchange Businesses, Utility Companies and other business customers. 

With planned world wide locations covering the 24h transaction messaging, GMPS will provide in-house clearance and settlement services for the financial transactions on our network. All together  financial transactions will be handled globally in real time.

Modern technology in our hands can be used for much more than its use today. Therefore we are calling  GMPS  an evolution, that brings you the best user experience together with top class security.

The Global Mobile Payment System is the future of the world wide banking.  Contact us for more details for your access.