Creating a standard is a necessary part for the development of the global transaction network for mobile transactions. A unified and standardized common platform allows 3rd party mobile transaction processors or financial institutions to handle financial transactions in real time. 


GMPS will globalize mobile payments and make them available to everyone with a mobile phone. To ensure access for each customer, the developed standard will cover the most common mobile payment solutions, such as NFC, QR codes, barcodes, P2P, manual payments (USSD or in APP).

Time and cost effective

Transaction messaging combined with in-house clearance and settlement will boost the time which is necessary for finalizing the transaction. Together with flat fee policy, GMPS will increase the cost of a single payment transaction to a minimum.


Thanks to our standard, anyone with a mobile phone number will be able to make financial transactions such as payments, ATM withdraws or deposits, money transfer and exchange. Payments and ATM transactions in Apps will also be available offline.