ATM Withdraw and Deposits

ATM Withdraw and Deposits

GMPS will provide you with a fully contactless transaction managed from your mobile device in your own language. An ATM withdrawal or deposit transaction without any direct contact between mobile device and ATM can’t be more safe today. As with any transaction made on the GMPS network, the limitation of an amount withdrawn can be individually set up with four different verification steps.

By removing the risk of your card being scammed or PIN being discovered while using ATM’s, GMPS has turned the user experience 180 degrees by providing the best and most secured way to use an ATM.

In cases when a mobile device is out of power or is missing,  an emergency withdraw with two steps verification will be available as an extra service without the need of a mobile device.

By connecting mobile payments with ATM transactions, a cross boarder transaction will take seconds to finalize. Sending money to relatives who do not have a mobile phone will be safer, faster and more cost effective.

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