Evolution re-discovered

GMPS is an evolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is Transfer Messaging for mobile payments and the first centralized payment network for individuals and businesses. In a nutshell, GMPS is the future for the global use of mobile payments for banked and unbanked customers. Its original purpose is providing all people with universal transaction tools for different kind of operations. 

Building a common transaction network inspires us to develop new standards for mobile banking and mobile payment solutions.

A history of GMPS goes back to the beginning of 2007, where our Founder developed the idea of a standardized global mobile payments and a common platform for payment and banking transactions  managed directly from mobile devices. A first global solution without the use of payment terminals or cards. 

Today, our dedicated team is working on innovations in mobile technology and is moving towards mobile payments on a higher level, where mobile transactions are safer, faster and easier. An outstanding domain knowledge together with creativity and the ability to develop the best financial services, drives us every day to work harder to achieve our goals.

GMPS stands for Global Mobile Payment Standard and it’s one of our three main and equal fields of business. Standardization of mobile payments is necessary for the global use of mobile transactions. To use any mobile payment App globally, we need a common Standard, common System and common Solution.

About the System

About the Solution

A common system for 3rd party mobile banking and mobile payment Apps which connects mobile device users with banks, retail, ATMs and much more in a global network. Our goal is to deliver unified transaction services and make them available in every country on every mobile device.  

The Global Mobile Payment Solution includes our wheel App with all of its  great value-added services, but also a basic solution for older cell phones. Both, cell phone solution and the App, will make global transactions available and can be used to pay with.


Easy & Secure

To fulfill customers' expectations and needs for mobile payments, we have turned our attention to it with 180 degrees and have looked into the mobile landscape from a customer's perspective. Smooth setup together with secured and fast registration are our key areas.

Fair Exchange

The GMPS offers money exchange within your own accounts as well as with domestic or cross boarder money transfers to 2nd parties are as easy as text messaging.

Mobile Apps

Easy registration and quick App setup is what is important for our customers. Therefore we have automatized our process to the maximum.


We are listening to our customers. To cover their needs and expectations of a mobile payment solution, we have looked at our products from outside and inside and developed a global platform for financial transactions.